American Murder Song Video Series – The Five Sisters

Early in 2018 I was asked to Direct and Produce a series of Music videos and lyric videos for the band American Murder Song.

American Murder Song is the brainchild of Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman the writers behind the 2 Devil’s Carnival films.

Each video was to be a separate and unique thing, not just text over black.  I pitched the idea of shadow puppets (as if it was done by a 2nd graders) for the song “the Five Sisters”, and the guys weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but they know about my passion for the art of puppetry, so they just let me loose. I made them a quick concept video to get the idea across and after they approved it. Then it was days of designing and cutting hundreds of paper pieces for each segment of the song. Over the course of about 36 hours, Tammy Sutton, Shem Byron and I, mechanized, cut and brought the puppets to life. We shot on a locked off Canon 7D and half speed, them played it back at double speed to match the song. Even though the end result is super simplistic is it’s design, We were all super proud of the final music video.

The strange this about social media, is how you never quite know how things will be received, and in the case of this specific video, not many people have watched it. Weird.

American Murder Song – The Five Sisters – Official Music Video


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